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Wear comfortable and flattering clothing, bring any props or accessories you’d like to include, and be yourself! Relax, and trust the photographer to guide you.

The golden hours, shortly after sunrise or before sunset, provide beautiful, soft lighting. However, some locations and styles may work well at different times of the day.

The number of photos can vary depending on the type and length of the session. Typically, you can expect a curated selection of the best shots.

The turnaround time varies, but most photographers aim to deliver the edited photos within a few weeks. This allows for careful selection and editing to ensure the highest quality.

Absolutely! Most photographers encourage clients to share their photos on social media. Just be sure to credit the photographer if possible.

Many photographers require a deposit to secure a booking. It’s typically a percentage of the total cost and ensures commitment from both parties.

Many photographers have contingency plans for inclement weather. They may reschedule the shoot, move it indoors, or find alternative locations.

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